WEST ORANGE, NJ -On Thursday, November 15, a gathering of the community was held (organized by Mayor Parisi and Jessica Glicker) at Liberty Middle school to thank township employees for their efforts during Hurricane Sandy and  to collect donations that would be sent out to multiple organizations in the area.

Among the crowd were West Orange residents and workers who all came out to enjoy pizza and give donations of coats, gloves, hats, and cleaning supplies.  One particular individual who came out to support the town was West Orange resident, Nicole Ring, who spent the hurricane down the Jersey shore with her mother. She commented on the storm saying “I felt like my childhood was washed away with the shore and I’m doing anything I can to help and volunteer.” 

                Good vibes were felt all around LMS as guests chatted, socialized, and ultimately came together as a community to show appreciation for the township employees. Said Mayor Robert Parisi on the event “Our town employees from every department worked for two weeks to return life back to normal as quickly as possible. We were fortunate in West Orange to have little damage other than power outages. We wanted to give residents this opportunity not only to thank our employees but to drop off donations for people around the state who were not as fortunate.”

                By the end of the evening it was clear to see how willing West Orange residents were to help out by the abundant amount of donations received. Public Information Officer, Jessica Glicker, happily stated: “It’s amazing to see the community come out and thank the township employees. West Orange has always been a generous town which is why it's no surprise to me that we have so many residents willing to support Sandy victims.”