WEST ORANGE, NJ - On Friday, March 15, students at Edison Middle School celebrated the culmination of a week's worth of activities surrounding "Pi" in their own unique way.  Thursday, March 14 was the Official "Pi" Day, where math students everywhere celebrated the existence of the curious  number 3.14159, a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Pi is also the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.

Along with Math Teacher Eric Mains, the  Math Club at Edison Middle School organized a variety of engaging and fun activities to help students gain a better appreciation for pi and its uses in the world. Activities included "Pi is Always on Our Minds," a fun competition to see which students could remember the most digits of pi. This activity helped students gain a better understanding of what makes pi a truly unique number. The most memorable activity was  "We are All Connected to Pi!" as students purchased raffle tickets during the week to earn the opportunity to build a pie - on a teacher's head.

On Friday, the winners spent their lunch periods making their 'pi's' (either apple or cherry) on top of the head of Principal Xavier Fitzgerald and teachers Tom Perrone, Jule Auergun, and Mary Berke as their fellow students clapped and the 'victims' took it in stride. "The principal is supposed to get the biggest pie," said Xavier Fitzgerald, Principal, as he stood covered in cherries, graham cracker, and whipped cream. In addition to the apparently great reward of pie building, the $220 in monies raised were donated to the Holy-Trinity Food Pantry, with the Food Pantry Administrator noting that perhaps they should purchase some pies with the donation.