WEST ORANGE, NJ - Two films created by West Orange High School drama students recently placed in the Top 30 films for the State of New Jersey in the "10-Day Film Challenge, the "Number One Student Film Festival and Competition in the USA."

The 10-day film challenge is considered to be the most prestigious venue for aspiring high school filmmakers in the United States to submit their films for assessment and consideration in a yearly film festival. According to the website, "The 10-Day Film Challenge is an intense and invigorating 10 school days in which students can create an original short film based on requirements given to them on their designated Day 1. These requirements include a character, backstory, prop, line of dialogue and choice of genres."

The program began in 2011 with three high schools and has grown to 145 high schools and impacts 4,500 student filmmakers from 35 states. The 10-Day Film Challenge website goes on to say, "This competition challenges all students to think creatively and critically while enhancing digital literacy. 

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The mission of the parent non-profit Arts Equality that supports the 10-Day Film Challenge is to provide all students with a free, comprehensive, fair and competitive outlet for their work, while giving their teachers the opportunity to assess the students' ability to think and perform in a dynamic, fast-paced and rigorous learning environment."

Nearly 200 films were created in 38 New Jersey high schools and 19 schools are represented in the Top 30, including West Orange. 

Theatre Advanced collaborated on a Fish Out of Water film called, "Thank You," originally pitched by senior Jahnya Boschulte. Theatre One students Thomas Hughes, Dane Clarke II, and Juaquin Goodbar collaborated to create the Mockumentary "Dalton vs. Malcom."