LIVINGSTON, NJ — West Orange police recently responded to the following reports of criminal mischief within the township:

1. Officers responded to a report of an attempted burglary to a motor vehicle that had just occurred around Watchung Avenue and Washington Street early in the morning on June 6. While on the phone with the reporting person, the officer observed an individual matching the description walking toward Orange. According to the police report, the officer conducted a field interview with the woman while three other officers arrived as backup.

While on the scene, two other officers responded to a caller living on Watchung Avenue. The person stated that when he looked at a security monitor in his room, he saw an individual dressed like the defendant approach his father’s 2008 grey Dodge Dakota parked in front of his residence. He observed the individual pulling on the passenger-side door handle of the vehicle.

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At that time, according to the report, the person making the call went downstairs to confront the individual. He said it was at that time the individual ran south on Watchung Avenue. When the officers viewed the security footage, two still photos were taken of the suspect.

While on the scene with the suspect, a warrant check revealed a warrant out for her arrest in Montclair in the amount of $2500. The woman was placed in custody for the active Montclair warrant and for criminal attempt burglary of a motor vehicle.

The charge was later downgraded to criminal trespass. The defendant was transported to the Essex County Correctional Facility.

2. Three police officers responded on June 7 to a report of potential trespassers in a building on Northfield Avenue. Upon arrival, the officers spoke with the reporting person, who works as a paralegal in the building.

According to police, the woman stated that two days earlier she noticed two sets of feet sticking out of an alcove in the hallway when she entered the building. It appeared that some unknown actors had entered the building and were sleeping in the hallway.

The reporting person stated that she took a picture of the feet with her cell phone, police said. She also stated that she quickly entered her office, locked the door and contacted the police. Both individuals had left the premises when the police arrived.

The woman told police that a similar incident occurred the day before. This time, she called the landlord first. The individuals had left the building by the time she called the police.

On June 7, the woman contacted the police before entering the building because she feared for her safety. Two officers conducted an interior security check.

Upon searching the third floor of the building, the officers observed a male and female lying on the floor of the hallway. The individuals appeared to have been sleeping and were in the building for quite some time, according to police. When asked why they were in the building, the man stated they “were coming from New York City” and “were unable to get into his home.”

The defendants were placed under arrest for defiant trespass. The male defendant’s record was checked, and it was revealed that he has three outstanding warrants out of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department. He was charged with being a defiant trespasser, and was transported to the Essex County Correctional Facility.

The female defendant was released and was also charged with being a defiant trespasser.