WEST ORANGE, NJ – Burglaries taking place on Pillot Place, Highwood Road, Mt. Pleasant Avenue and Franklin Avenue were among the numerous crimes involving theft that were reported to West Orange police in early June. The major burglaries included:  

1. Patrol units were dispatched on June 13 to the area of Pillot Place on the report of a burglary from a motor vehicle. The officers were met by the reporting person, who was detaining a juvenile Hispanic male who had burglarized the victim’s 2016 Mercedes-Benz SUV.

According to police, the victim stated that $15 was removed from the driver-side door pocket of the vehicle. It was subsequently returned to her when she detained the defendant, according to the police report.

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The defendant was reported to have fled east on Pillot Place toward Valley Road. The victim gave chase, caught the defendant and returned him to the scene. According to the report, the defendant returned the stolen money to the victim and apologized.

Police said there was another defendant on scene who served as a lookout for the defendant who stole the money. The lookout also fled. When he reappeared on Pillot Place on his bicycle, he was ordered to stop by an officer. This person proceeded to flee again, but was caught by police.

Both defendants were charged with burglary, theft and conspiracy, according to police. The one who fled a second time was also charged with obstruction. Police said the Juvenile-Aid Bureau will follow-up on this matter.

2. Officers responded to a report of an activated burglar alarm at a home on Highwood Road on June 9. An exterior check found that the front double doors on the east side of the structure were ajar, according to police.

Police also said that an interior check revealed that a second-floor door leading to the rear yard was open, and that a sliding glass door was unsecured. In the master bedroom, police found a pair of cufflinks on the floor and opened drawers in the walk-in closet.

The homeowner was contacted. According to police, he stated that all the doors were secured when he left the house.

According to the police report, the items reported missing were two Longines Calibre watches worth $2000 each, a RADO female’s watch worth $1500, a Seiko watch worth $300, a titanium wedding band valued at $250, and a pair of New York Yankees cufflinks worth $150.

3. Three officers responded to a report of a residential burglary at a home on Mt. Pleasant Avenue on June 12.

The reporting person told police that all doors and windows were locked when she left the home earlier in the day. When she got back home, she observed the front door was wide open.

According to her report, she also observed that the molding on the front door was cracked, and the lock strike plate was on the floor. On the first floor, she observed that her dresser drawers were all pulled out and ransacked. She reported that she immediately ran out of the house and called the police.

When the police searched the house, they saw that the two upstairs bedrooms were ransacked. Again, all the dresser drawers were pulled out, and clothing was thrown around the floor, according to police.

Items that were reported stolen were a Akribos watch worth $90, five pink pearl necklaces worth $370 combined, an Anne Klein women’s watch worth $100, a Juicy Couture women’s watch worth $70, six silver bracelets valued at $225, a Tommy Hilfiger men’s watch worth $100, 20 assorted costume jewelry necklaces valued at $300, and a leather jewelry box worth $100.

According to police, the suspects remain unknown.

4. Two police officers responded to the West Orange Elk’s Lounge on June 16 to meet with an employee on a report of a burglary to a motor vehicle parked on Franklin Avenue. According to police, they were told by the victim that her 2007 Chevrolet was entered by an unknown actor, who removed a black case containing Rayban sunglasses and a Buxton wallet containing $100.

She also reported that the actor left a small white rag on the passenger seat. Police said there were no signs of forced entry to the vehicle and that the victim was not sure whether she locked the doors.

The white rag was taken in as evidence for possible DNA and secured for evidence, according to the police report.

5. A victim told police on June 16 that in late May and early June an unknown actor opened three credit cards using his personal information. According to police, two of the credit cards were at Home Depot: one for a commercial line of credit, where $7,226.43 was charged in Philadelphia, and a second for a personal line of credit, where $5,300 was charged in Virginia.

The victim contacted Home Depot’s fraud department, and had both cards cancelled, police said.

The third card was for Kohls, where $778 was charged in Virginia. The victim’s report stated that he contacted the Kohls’ fraud department, and cancelled this card.

In addition, the victim contacted the three major credit bureaus (Experion, Transunion, Equifax), and had a hold placed on his credit. The victim was given an identity theft packet to be completed and returned to the Detective Bureau.