WEST ORANGE, NJ – A shoplifting incident at Whole Foods, money being stolen from an L.A. Fitness locker, and trying to catch a squatter living for weeks in the men’s bathroom at West Orange Auto Body were among the crimes that occurred throughout West Orange in September.

Among the burglaries and thefts were as follows, according to West Orange police reports:  

1. An officer responded to a report of a burglary at a residence located on Mount Pleasant Avenue. Upon arrival, the officer observed that the side door was ajar and a glass window was damaged. An interior check showed that two large televisions had been removed. Both the master bedroom of the victim and his son’s room were ransacked. The items reported missing are valued at $1000.

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2. A victim reported money being stolen out of his locker at the L.A. Fitness located at 471 Prospect Avenue. When police arrived at the scene, he told them that when he went to retrieve his items from the men’s locker room, he noticed that $82 was missing from his wallet. He said that he used a Master Lock, but it was missing at the time of the report. No other items were taken from the locker.

3. A victim reported that an unknown actor entered her unlocked garage and stole a bicycle. It was described as a white Mongoose bicycle with green lettering, a green pixel design and a black seat with a white design on it. The bicycle is valued at approximately $200. Unfortunately for the victim, the bicycle could not be entered as stolen by the police because the reporting party did not have the bicycle’s serial number.  

4. Officers responded to a report of a shoplifting incident at Whole Foods Market at 235 Prospect Avenue. The alleged shoplifter was in custody. Upon arrival, the loss-prevention associate said she observed a woman removing several items from the shelves and concealing them in her black purse. She added that the actor paid for several items, but not the ones she concealed. Both she and the assistant manager followed the actor out of the store, and stopped her just outside the exit door. The actor went to the security office, where the stolen items totaling $170.86 were revealed. The actor was arrested by the police and transported to headquarters.

5. A victim reported the theft of a 2008 white S100 Bobcat loader from her property on Watchung Avenue. She told police that the Bobcat was behind a locked fence at a building equipped with video surveillance. The Bobcat is insured by the Great America Insurance Company. Two photos were provided by the victim and placed in an evidence locker.

6. An officer responded to a report of a burglary from a shed on Cheshire Terrace. The victim showed the officer that the shed door was opened by unknown actors, who broke the lock and placed a few items outside the shed while stealing others. The missing items were listed as two Coleman coolers, a Craftsman chain saw, a Craftsman blower and other tools. A canvass of the area for surveillance cameras proved negative. The items reported missing are valued at $600. 

7. An officer responded to a residential burglary on Cobane Terrace, where the victim stated that her laptop and a wireless speaker were missing. She had been away on vacation and stated that the burglar alarm was activated during this time. When she returned home, she could not find the laptop. Over the next few days, she tried to find it, at which point she realized that the Bose sound link speaker was also missing. The missing laptop, worth approximately $1000, belongs to her employer. The Bose speaker is valued at approximately $300. A check of the residence showed no signs of forced entry. The victim stated that she believes the items were taken on the night before she left for vacation, and that the missing items had been placed on a kitchen island near sliding doors that are sometimes left unsecured. Her opinion was that the burglar opened the sliding door and stole the items.

8. A victim reported that both of his vehicles were burglarized while parked in his driveway on Club Boulevard. He observed that his 2003 Saturn Ion had been ransacked with all the contents of the glove box scattered throughout the interior. A check of the interior revealed that a bag containing approximately $5.00 in loose change was missing. The second vehicle, a 2003 Saturn Vue, was also ransacked, but no items were taken from this vehicle. Both vehicles were left unsecured.

9. A victim reported the theft of his 2009 white Toyota Scion, which was parked in front of his residence on High Street. He told police that the last time he saw he vehicle was the day before. He also stated that shortly before reporting the theft, he exited his residence to assist his wife in finding a parking spot for her vehicle and noticed that his vehicle was missing. The victim said his vehicle was left unlocked with the car keys left in it. While getting the report information, the officer found out that the victim is currently financing the vehicle, and he is behind in his payments by two months. The victim said he did not receive any documents regarding the car being repossessed. He was told to contact the police immediately if he determines that his vehicle was repossessed by the finance company.

10. An officer responded to a report of a burglary to a residence on Gregory Avenue. Upon arrival, the victim said that the Michael Kors wallet she left on her kitchen table the night before was stolen. Further observation revealed that the side door of her residence was ajar, and the basement window was open. The victim said the side door and basement window were left unlocked by mistake. The victim told the officer that she received a call from American Express informing her that some unknown person purchased a New Jersey train pass for $93 in Newark. The stolen wallet contained $150, a driver’s license, a AAA membership card and several credit cards, which she cancelled.

11. A victim reported a burglary to his 2006 Ford F-150 over night. The car was parked in front of his residence on High Street. In the morning, the victim observed the passenger department was in disarray. He noticed that the following items were missing: Perris Ellis cologne valued at $50, Calvin Klein cologne valued at $50, two pairs of Prada sunglasses valued at $400, and an Essex County Country Club bag with clothing inside valued at $500. The victim said it was possible his motor vehicle unlocked.

12. Patrol units responded to the West Orange Auto Body on Main Street on a report of a squatter in the men’s bathroom. Upon the officer’s arrival, an employee told the officer that he has had several incidents with an unknown white male who had been sleeping in the bathroom over the past several weeks. An investigation revealed that the white male suspect is in his mid-20’s and has close-cropped hair, a small mustache or goatee, and is 5-foot-8-inches tall and weighs approximately 120 pounds. According to police, he had been breaking into the bathroom after business hours and using it to live in. The men’s room door locks, but can be easily jimmied open.

13. An officer responded to a residence on Wildwood Avenue on a report of a theft of property. Upon police arrival, the reporting person said that over the span of a few weeks, he had noticed many slate tiles missing from his backyard. The victim had approximately $10,000 in slate tiles delivered to his house to repair the roof over the past several months. The victim added that he believes there were approximately 200 slate tiles missing. He has not had any unknown visitors to the residence, which has a backyard overlooking a fence leading out to the area of 80 Main Street. The missing slate tiles are valued at $500.

14. A victim reported that an unknown actor(s) entered her unlocked vehicle and removed a folder containing her expired Resident Alien card and her Social Security card. She notified the US Citizenship and Immigration Services about the theft, and obtained a letter showing that she was issued a Resident Alien card number. She also went to the Social Security Office to get a new card. The victim was previously issued a Social Security number. Photocopies of the letters were taken by the officer and secured in the evidence locker.