EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – Close to 10,000 people arrived at Met Life Stadium in the early morning hours on Sunday to take part in what has become one of the latest national crazes: the 5K Run or Dye, whose organizers bill it as “the world’s most colorful fun run”.

The fun run’s credo is all about "living life in full color" and participants get "blasted" with safe, eco-friendly powdered dye that is made with cornstarch and is completely washable. The Run or Dye encourages people of all ages and abilities to sign up and enjoy the experience while getting some physical activity.

While most participants wear white or light colored clothing, several appeared in tutus and other crazy costumes. As they proceeded along the run route, the “Color Crew” blasted runners and walkers with different colored packets of dye as they passed through the “Dye Zones.” At the finish line participants entered a colorstorm and received color packets to “Tie Dye the Sky” during the event’s Finish Festival. 

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“I just wanted to try something new and fun,” said West Orange resident Evan Cumming. Along with his friends Aimee and Ashleigh Deronde and Adrian Hernandez, the team ran for the fun of the experience. Although the event has sponsors and some charitable distribution, the goal is more for fun than fundraising for a cause.

“The best part was the party they had afterwards,” said Aimee Deronde. “They had a DJ, gave out a lot of free stuff and everyone in the crowd was friendly, making the experience a lot better.”

“During the party they would play “Dye Songs” and everyone would open a packet of dye and throw it up in the air at the same time.  For about a minute, you’re in a huge cloud of color, and you can’t see anything.  It’s such a crazy experience”.

Not all West Orange participants were college students.  

Several families also participated, including the Apollon family from the St. Cloud section, and another team called the Colorful Muddy Mamas, who ran for fun today but will be participating in a Muckfest fundraiser later in the year.

"It was so much fun," said Janice Berman, one of the Colorful Muddy Mamas team."When we participate in the Muckfest we'll be the Muddy Mamas. We added 'Colorful' to run today."

To see a short video, go to  .

To find out more about Run and Dye, go to http://www.runordye.com/.