WEST ORANGE, NJ — Most of the residents in attendance at the West Orange Township Council meeting on Tuesday were there to discuss adding new jitneys to the Pleasantdale and Redwood sections of the township.

Numerous people spoke about the positive impact the new jitneys would have in this part of town. Many voiced concerns that a jitney would be added to cover Pleasantdale, but not Redwood.

Business Administrator John Sayers assured people that a Redwood jitney is part of the plan.

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“We have ordered new buses, which will take a few months to come in,” he said. “The biggest issue is getting the timing right so that people in this area will be to their train on time. When we roll it out, it must work for everyone.”

Sayers said he has spoken to one of the rabbis about setting up a park and ride in his synagogue’s parking lot.

Councilwoman Michelle Casalino told the group that she has always been under the impression that Redwood would be part of the route. She said the township is looking into direct bus routes as well from these two sections.

“It is good to see the growing interest of New York commuters to move to West Orange. Having jitneys in these areas will help this trend further,” said Councilman Victor Cirilo. “It will also increase home prices.”

Krakoviak said that people should be aware that the current five routes cost the township $325,000, and the costs are going up rapidly. He liked the park and ride idea, which would bring efficiencies to running jitneys in this area.

In arguing for the jitneys, resident Deena Rubin, a real estate consultant, said that good access to the train is “a key question from many potential buyers.”

“These jitneys will help sell more homes in this part of West Orange,” he said.

Elliot Rubin, pictured above, said more young professionals such as himself would move to the Redwood and Pleasantdale sections once these areas are served by jitneys.

Also pictured above are local nutritionists and dietitians who received a proclamation from the council in honor of Registered Dietitian Day and members of the B’nai Shalom Boy Scout troupe, who led the pledge of allegiance and earned a badge.

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The next council meeting will be on March 21.