WEST ORANGE, NJ - The Shillelagh Club held its 14th Annual Exhibition of Irish Sports on Sunday, June 8. The event was as much a celebration of Irish pride and culture as it was a Hurling exhibition, the national sport of Ireland.

The West Orange and West Essex communities are rich in Irish culture and community involvement, and the contributions of the Irish are plentiful. From service organizations, to business, to education, much of the philanthropic activities and local town histories are established legacies of the Irish community.

The non-profit event highlighted Irish culture and traditions in sports while encouraging the community to keep the history of the Irish alive and celebrated. Hurling, the national game of Ireland, is similar to field hockey but played with a shorter stick featuring a broader, oval-shaped blade. The game dates back 3,000 years in Celtic history.  Hurling matches with teams from Ulster, NY, Hoboken, NJ, Rockland, NY, and Allentown, PA, were played, along with a Rugby match featuring Montclair against Bayonne.

For more information visit the Shillelagh's website at www.shillelaghclub.com.