WEST ORANGE, NJ – After a long conversation at the last West Orange Board of Education (WOBOE) meeting that focused on Superintendent of Schools Jeffrey Rutzky’s contract renewal, Rutzky thanked the board for his reappointment, and said he was “humbled and grateful to work as the West Orange superintendent for the next three years.”

“I am aware of the areas where things need to improve, and I look forward to doing this in partnership with our teachers and administrators,” said Rutzky.

Members of the public asked Rutzky how he was responding to the recent news that the air quality of the West Orange High School was poor. Resident Jennifer Buesser asked him whether other West Orange schools will also be tested regarding air quality issues.

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Rutzky said that all schools will be evaluated for their air quality.

“We will evaluate all schools,” he said. “This is needed, especially when you have buildings as old as our buildings.”

Resident Thomas Volscho said he would highly recommend having a training for lunch aides. He said that both he and his daughter have had issues with lunch aides, who he said should be taught to use a softer tone with students and not use blanket detention when only a student or two are not behaving.

Rutzky said that a training for lunch aides has already been set up.

“Blanket detention is not acceptable,” he said. “The aide should speak to the students who are misbehaving…They shouldn’t be raising their voices for the wrong reason.”

The next WOBOE meeting is March 26.