WEST ORANGE, NJ – Mayor Robert D. Parisi announced today that video surveillance cameras will soon be installed in targeted areas throughout the Township. The high-tech surveillance system will be outfitted along several points of the Main Street corridor and in the Valley section of town. It will link directly to police headquarters to further enhance public security.

“Installing security cameras serves as a driving force in crime prevention and helps our officers stay better connected and ultimately keeps them safer on the streets. Protecting our community is our main priority and public safety will undoubtedly benefit from this proactive approach to deterring crime,” Parisi said.

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Through wireless and global positioning technology, the surveillance system takes critical crime related data collected at police headquarters and distributes it within seconds to live patrols. The system is monitored in real time 24/7/365 days a year.

“Packetalk is proud to bring innovative and proven multi-tasking CCTV public surveillance solutions to help the Township of West Orange to do more with less. Our company is fully committed to assisting municipalities provide the highest possible levels of safety and security in today's challenging environment,” said Tamer Zakhary, CEO of PackeTalk, the company charged with implementing the system.

To enhance law enforcement’s ability to balance community safety needs and expectations with budgetary constraints, PackeTalk has unveiled a series of cost-effective, multi-dimensional solutions for multiplying the use and benefits of public surveillance systems, from a Virtual Citizen Patrol system iCan, which empowers community residents to safely help increase community guardianship and exponentially increases the reach of law enforcement, to virtual intelligence-led policing.

PackeTalk’s innovative products and services help police departments make the best use of limited resources by extending their vigilance far beyond actual capacity. By combining progressive technology solutions and methods, police can now deploy their resources when and where they are needed, while keeping a watchful eye at other neighborhoods for signs of crime or disorder.


“When we investigate a crime, the first thing we do is solicit the area to see if any businesses or homes have video that may have captured the incident,” WOPD Capt. Matthew Feula said. ”Placing these cameras strategically allows us to capture our own video but does not replace having officers on the street and will not decrease patrols in the selected areas, nor do the cameras substitute for calling 911 during an emergency.”

The system is set to be installed in January 2013.

The Township council voted 4-1 for the resolution to install video cameras and to hire PackeTalk to deploy the surveillance system.

“This surveillance upgrade improves community comfort and ensures safer streets," noted Council President Victor Cirilo.