WEST ORANGE, NJ - The West Orange Town Council passed a bond ordinance appropriating nearly $450,000.00 for landscaping and lighting at the Ridgeway Property; nearly $260,000.00 for lighting and equipment at the Joseph Suriano Field at West Orange High School; and $160,000.00 to purchase hardware for Phase I of a computer overhaul at Town Hall.

Councilman Joe Krakoviak was the lone vote against the lighting as he defended his case by saying it is an unnecessary amount of money to spend especially on a tight budget.  Krakoviak also proposed an idea to charge the entities that utilize those facilities as a way of making some of that money back.

“What we want is to attract young families to our town, and one of the things those prospective families will look for is activities for their children,” Councilwoman Patty Spango said, stressing the importance of accepting the ordinance.

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Also causing some buzz at the meeting was the resolution passed authorizing the town to purchase computer equipment and software from Dell Marketing.  The resolution was passed on another 4-1 vote on the grounds that purchasing this equipment will condense seven separate networks into one.

The new equipment will create a single Local Area Network linking different computers in the town’s government.   The cost-analysis showed the project saving roughly $20,000 in government money spent on technology.  After much discussion and request to table the resolution for two more weeks to review the analysis, the council passed the resolution.

The public comment portion of the council meeting focused on some general housekeeping matters dealing with street signs, and street cleaning.

Jake Freivald, a West Orange resident, read a statement  to the mayor and council challenging a cease and desist letter that he was sent from WO town attorney Richard Trenk. The letter pertained to a registered internet domain name that Freivald purchased and uses to post comments and opinions from himself and others, as well as links to some West Orange websites. Freivald questioned the letter in regards to domain rights in particular and asked for a response from the mayor and township.  

The next town council meeting for West Orange will be held on Tuesday, June 25.

(Editor's Note: This article was updated at 2:30 pm June 13.)