WEST ORANGE, NJ - The West Orange Township Council has approved a Slide the City attraction for the June 4 West Orange Street Fair.

The resolution passed 5-0. This will be the first Slide the City event to be held in the state of New Jersey.

Council President Victor Cirilo posted the approval vote on Facebook shortly after the township council meeting, with an artist's rendering of what the slide will look like at the Street Fair. He said during the session that, “It will assist in promoting our municipality, and addition to that, showcase the town and street fair that is going on at the same time."

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The attraction is a three-lane water slide, which will be located along Mt. Pleasant Avenue starting at or near the Route 280 overpass and ending just before Main Street. The on-ramp to Route 280 will be closed for the event, but the off-ramp will remain open. A similar attraction was planned for last year's fair, but ultimately did not happen.

The company's plans include keeping a portion of Mt. Pleasant Avenue available as a fire lane, with the slide taking up roughly half to three-quarters of the width of the street. There will be sidewalk space available to climb the avenue to get to the top of the attraction.

In some locations, the water is recirculated, but for this event, the water used in the slide will be chlorinated and flow through, as per Health Department regulations for safety.

Perry Bashkoff, West Orange Social Media Consultant, presented the attraction to the Council at the meeting. He said it was inspired from something he saw while on vacation.

"It is basically an 800-1,000 foot slip-n-slide,” he said. “I saw it in downtown Delray Beach, Florida which is very flat, and I thought it would be so much better with an incline. Who has inclines? West Orange."

Bashkoff said the company will be doing promotion in digital media and possibly local radio.  “They're looking to go big on this to bring as many people in as possible.  We're working with them closely on that."

Chief Administrator Jack Sayers said this event won’t be any more difficult than other town events to manage traffic flow and parking. "This is going to be no different than us doing the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  It's the same shutdown almost, so we're pretty well prepared for it," he said. 

In response to a question by Councilwoman Susan McCartney about Township’s responsibilities to host the attraction, Bashkoff explained Slide the City is responsible for everything associated with the attraction, including covering the cost of township-provided fire fighters, EMS and police, so there is no cost at all to the town.

Tickets for the attraction are already on sale as single ticket or multi-ride packages. The company said part of the proceeds from the attraction touring the country will be given to Generosity.org, a non-profit that is working to end the clean water crisis in developing countries by "helping one community at a time."

For more information from Slide the City on the West Orange event on June 4, click here.

For a video of the water ride in use at other events, click here.