It’s the dead of winter and you are in the process of brainstorming new ways to reach out to your clients. You want to differentiate yourself from the standard phone call and email, but how? Have an event! Winter may not be the ‘ideal time’ to host a small party for clients, but use that to your advantage. Try providing some light hearted fun in this dark and cold season. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning an event for clients this winter.

1.       Keep It Short – People are going to want to catch their trains or start their drive home, so a simple reception with appetizers is a great way to entice clients to come to your celebration.  An event of this caliber does not leave anyone feeling obligated or pressured into saying yes. A short event is not a waste of time because it acts more as touch point for future or continued business. You might not discuss your next project or settle a deal, but the client will remember you reached out to them.

2.       Stay in the Vicinity – At this time of the year, people are not going to go out of their way to attend an event. Have the venue on their way home (between the office and train station) or host it as near to their place of work as possible. This way, clients can pop their head in to say hello, talk a little business and be on their way.  Staying in the work place vicinity will increase your attendance drastically.

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3.       Lunch – This may be the best option in the winter as clients will be at work anyway. Remember to apply the first two tips to this one. You want to keep the event short and you want it to be close, especially for lunch. Lunch is a great break in your client’s daily routine and can provide an atmosphere where people can engage with their colleagues and peers on a more informal level. All this is good when people are considering who to use for their next project.

4.       Have A Raffle – The item you are raffling doesn’t have to be expensive. Raffles are just fun! Your event is serving a purpose of bringing clients together and maintaining a relationship. Not only that, but sometimes, the raffle may just give more people an incentive to attend.