Dear Editor:

As a resident of West Orange for nearly four decades, I am appalled by the level of vitriol, outright lying and nasty meanness exhibited by fellow residents on social media. (I am not a fan of social media for this very reason)

I am writing to TAP in the hopes of  reminding my fellow residents, including some of the candidates whom belong to my Catholic parish and have been behaving astoundingly reprehensible in their speech and behavior, that Wednesday November 7 will come, and their social media and other behavior prior to the election will be memorialized for eternity.

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You know who you are so I need not name you here, but please remember, as purported adults, some in positions of leadership responsibility, you are setting an example not only for others in the community, but most especially for our young people, your children included!

Stop the petty personal attacks on other candidates’ families and stop telling lies that you know are lies! I will be seeking you out after the election to have a face to face conversation about your behavior and speech, so stop believing you can say whatever you wish in anonymity with no consequences. Your speech and behavior always have consequences. Be mindful. And shame on you for holding yourself forth as following the Gospel.

To those running with integrity, honor and not responding in kind, you are the true leaders this community deserves and is blessed to have.  Thank you for rising above the fray!

Catherine Danatos

West Orange