Connections are what JESPY is all about, even during the global pandemic. JESPY clients are currently connecting with one another and with staff virtually, if not physically.

JESPY clients NEED these connections, especially now, so they can thrive and remain steady on the path to independence. On May 5, 2020, people all over the world will tap into the power of human connection by joining the #Giving Tuesday Now, a global movement to support the local nonprofits that matter to them most.

During this pandemic, JESPY has made online programming --- which includes fitness, art, indoor gardening, cooking, group discussions, yoga, and a variety of other sessions – available to its clients. To support JESPY on Giving Tuesday, log onto and follow the link on the Home page.

JESPY House supports 260 clients with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities between the ages of 18 and 73.