We can all use a little sweetness right now and celebrating National Doughnut Day on June 5th, may offer just that. As businesses begin to open, there are many places to purchase donuts to share with your families. Or, you can make some donuts from scratch and/or decorate donuts with your children as a way of celebrating.

Below are some suggestions for celebrating National Doughnut Day, courtesy of The Goddard School in West Orange’s, “Things to Do with Kids” column. 


The next time you sit down for a family dinner, toss out some of these facts to spark a lively and informative family conversation. After dinner, look up some of these dates and facts and explore the historical moments as a family.

  • The Superman Comic was published on June 1, 1938.
  • Ed Sullivan's final show aired on June 1, 1971.
  • PT Barnum's Circus began its first tour of the US on June 2, 1835.
  • Grover Cleveland was married while serving as U.S. President on June 2, 1886.
  • Congress granted U.S. citizenship to people of American Indian descent on June 2, 1924.
  • The Rolling Stones began their first US tour on June 3, 1964.
  • China became the first to record a solar eclipse on June 4, 780 BC.