As we honor the heroes on the front lines for all they are doing to combat COVID-19, the first week of May celebrates a few others -- many of whom are also on the front lines including nurses. National Teachers’ Day is on May 5; National Nurses’ Day is on May 6; Child Care Provider Day/Daycare Provider Day, Military Spouses Day and World Red Cross Day are on May 8; Birth Mother’s Day is on May 9, and Mother’s Day is on May 10. There are many ways for you and your kids to honor these special people including calling or texting them with your sentiments, sending them cards, flowers, gifts, food, and these days — masks too. You and your kids can also make them a video, write them a song or poem, or put up a sign on your lawn. They will appreciate any way you choose to honor them.

If you are looking for some great things to do to celebrate others, while you and your family social distance at home, please enjoy these activities, courtesy of The Goddard School in West Orange’s, “Things to Do with Kids” column. 


The next time you sit down for a family dinner, toss out some of these facts to spark a lively and informative family conversation. After dinner, look up some of these dates and facts and explore the historical moments as a family.

  • Christopher Columbus discovered "St Iago,” which was later renamed Jamaica, on May 3, 1494.
  • Joe Dimaggio made his major-league debut with 3 hits for the NY Yankees on May 3, 1936.
  • Margaret Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize for "Gone with the Wind on May 3, 1937.
  • Manhattan Island was sold in exchange for $24 in cloth and buttons on May 4, 1626.
  • The phonograph was played for the first time at the Grand Opera House on May 4, 1878.
  • The Academy of Motion Pictures was founded on May 4, 1934.
  • Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion on May 4, 1932. NOTE: There a great book series called, “Al Capone Does My Homework” (Tales from Alcatraz) by Gennifer Choldenko that your kids will love. (My son loved it). 
  • Two soap operas, "Another World" and "As the World Turns," premiered on May 4, 1964.
  • Under Benito Juarez, Mexican forces defeated French troops in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Today this battle is celebrated as Cinco de Mayo.
  • The New York Stock Exchange crashed, causing the "Great Panic of 1893" on May 5, 1893.
  • Alan Shepard rode "Freedom 7" to becomes the 1st American in space on May 5, 1961.
  • John Deere produced the first steel plow on May 6, 1833.
  • The Paris Exposition opened with the just-completed Eiffel Tower as its centerpiece on May 6, 1889.
  • The Dirigible Hindenburg exploded into flames in Lakehurst, NJ on May 6, 1937.
  • The first inaugural ball was held in honor of George Washington and his wife on May 17, 1789.
  • George Eastman patented the Box Camera on May 7, 1888.
  • The World's largest pearl (6.4kg.) was discovered in the Philippines on May 7, 1934.
  • Big band leader Glenn Miller recorded the "Chattanooga Choo Choo" on May 7, 1941.
  • Germany signed an unconditional surrender at Rhims, France, ending WWII in Europe on May 7, 1945.
  • The Beatles' last album "Long and Winding Road" was released on May 7, 1970.
  • The U.S. Post Office was established on May 8, 1794.
  • Germany signed an unconditional surrender (V-E Day), on May 8, 1945.
  • Mad Magazine hit the newsstands on May 8, 1952.
  • The World Health Organization announced that Smallpox was eradicated worldwide on May 8, 1980.
  • A "Golden Spike" was driven into the railroad tracks at Promontory Summit, Utah, connecting the tracks of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads, creating the first transcontinental railroad on May 9, 1869.
  • The syrup for Coca Cola was invented by Atlanta Pharmacist John Stith Pemberton on May 9, 1886.
  • The lawnmower was patented on May 9, 1899.
  • Richard Boyd and Floyd Bennett became the first to fly over the North Pole on May 9, 1926.
  • The Birth control pill was approved by the FDA on May 9, 1960.
  • The first color pictures of Earth from space were sent back from Apollo 10 on May 10, 1969.
  • Nelson Mandela became South Africa's first black president on May 10, 1994.