It’s a plight most women worldwide face on a regular basis – finding the right bra that is both comfortable and supportive, yet still youthful and flattering. But good news is on the horizon, ladies! Mompreneur, Gina Stempler, of Livingston, can offer a solution.

Gina, the former owner of Bardot Lingerie, an upscale boutique in Milburn, has launched a new venture called Bra Mobile, which she believes is a unique and desperately needed in-home service for women of all shapes and sizes.

“Bra shopping can be frustrating," says Gina. "Many women often put themselves last on their own lists."

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After closing her boutique in 2016, Gina says she continued to hear from former customers who wanted help in finding new bras. They were unsuccessful in finding bras either online or in department stores where sizing is limited, and qualified help can be scarce.

Gina believes retail shopping is fast becoming a thing of the past; yet, online bra shopping can be overwhelming with endless options, useless online chats, and time-consuming returns. She says she offers a hassle-free alternative.

The Bra Mobile business model caters to busy women by providing a service that comes to their doorsteps.

"Many women simply don't have the time to shop," she says. "Now, they can just make a convenient private appointment with an expert fitter in the privacy of their own homes, where they have access to their entire wardrobes and can leave any guesswork out of the equation – saving time, and time is money."

Bra Mobile is partnered with many popular lingerie manufacturers, as well as some lesser-known boutique-only brands that Gina says will change the way you look and feel, instantaneously. Bra Mobile offers a wide range of sizing, styles, and selection. In addition, special orders can be accommodated.

“In the initial call with a client, I get a ballpark idea of their size and preferences,” Gina says. “We then set up a mutually convenient time to meet. Next, using my knowledge and experience in the lingerie industry, I put together a suitcase full of bras. Typically, I bring everything I've got in their size range and encourage them to keep an open mind and try on several different styles.”

Gina says the concept is more informal and relaxed than a typical bra fitting, which many women can find intimidating and awkward.

Part of the in-home visit involves taking measurements and providing fittings, and for those interested, Gina will make recommendations on which items in lingerie drawers are worth keeping and what needs to be donated or recycled.

Gina says she recommends this repurposing to her clients as a sustainable alternative. Additionally, she says undergarments are the number one item requested at homeless shelters.

Bra Mobile is an ambassador for The Bra Recyclers, an organization based in Arizona that distributes gently used bras to women in need worldwide, she says.  

“Even bras that have long since passed their useful shelf life can be recycled for parts, and I will gladly accept them from clients,” Gina says. 

Gina says that oftentimes, a major hesitation and deterrent women have is the cost of bras. While some bras may seem costly, a lot of craftsmanship goes into the design and manufacture of good quality bras, she says. In addition, she explains, while you may wear a top or blouse once or twice a week, you will wear your bras much more often, and in fact, if bras are washed and cared for correctly, they will last quite a long time.

“Bras are a very worthwhile investment,” she says. “Not only will the right bra make everything in your wardrobe look better, but it can also be an investment in your health by providing much-needed support, which in turn gives you better posture, thereby helping you avoid costly medical and chiropractic bills."

Bra Mobile also offers in-home parties where hostesses invite a few friends over for a casual get-together or girls’ night out. Gina does a brief presentation on the importance of wearing properly fitting quality foundations and provides bra fittings for interested guests. She also brings the latest catalogs from leading lingerie manufacturers and top-selling designers, supplies party favors and a hostess gift.

Gift cards to Bra Mobile are also available. Gina says that bra fitting is a great gift idea for moms, daughters, sisters, and friends!

To learn more about Bra Mobile, or to make an appointment, call or text 973-568-8141 or send an email to