WEST ORANGE, NJ — Now that financial education has been made a requirement for New Jersey high schools and middle schools, Roosevelt Middle School Principal Lionel Hush—who did not wait for the state mandate to begin financial literacy instruction in West Orange—recently spoke to CNBC about the importance of including it in the curriculum for sixth, seventh and eighth graders. 

Two years ago, Hush partnered with a local non-profit that had created a financial literacy program designed for middle school students and began offering financial education classes on Saturdays for West Orange middle school students. He explained in the CNBC + Acorns “Invest in You” interview that this program gave his students “real-life practical activities to do at home to try to reduce expenditures.”

“I think, at first, they were a little dubious; but once they got through the program, it was something they found very beneficial," he said.

The three-minute segment, which also features clips of students who explain what they’re learning and why these classes have been useful to them, can be seen BY CLICKING HERE.