WEST ORANGE, NJ - Juniors were recently inducted and graduating seniors received their cords at the West Orange High School Math and Science Honor Societies event.

West Orange High School Class of 2017 graduates Derek Lim and Divya Anand were the guest speakers at the ceremonies, discussing their experiences to-date in college and underscoring the need for students to push themselves and take their studies and work seriously to succeed.

Lim attends Cornell and is majoring in math and computer science. He is already a successful teaching assistant in PhD level course at the university. Anand attends John S. Hopkins University and majors in molecular and cellular biology. She is on a pre-med track and is a research assistant participating in geriatric clinical trials.

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"We are extremely proud of our students," said Principal Hayden Moore. "Their outstanding work in math and science at West Orange High School not only qualifies them for these prestigious honor societies, but will create global opportunities for them as they head out into the world."

Below are are a list of newly inducted members and honor cord recipients.

Mu Alpha Theta National Mathematics Society


Honor Cord Recipients:

Nicole Adelsohn         Dylan Cohen           Rachael Ezomo        Isabella Ompok

Maribel Andrade        Sessina Dani           Daniel Feinblatt        Anthony Petrucci             

Daniel Bradley          Zachary Dong          Sarah Gold              Ryan Retino

David Campbell        Jason Easterling       Eniya Jaber              Emily Sarett 

Emily Weingold     


2019 Inductees:

Devin Andrada             Riya Goel                           Isabella Pappano

Masarrah Assad           Carlos Herbozo                    Elisabeth Perlman

Grace Attia                  Nooha Kawsar                     Olivia Petrucci

Kaia Baker                   Alexandra Kicior                  Mecca Pryor

Tate Bennett                Jacob Klausner                    Dylan Retino

Sebastian Chaviano      Cassey Kuga                       Sophia Scholz

Senay Dani                  Chloe Mengden                   Ramone Vargas Eugene

Jackson Edwards          Imani Miller                        Anayelli Vigo   

Andrew Gart                Celia Murphy– Braunstein     Nathaniel Vinoya   

Paul Godinez                Ogechi Nwobu                     Grace Wenzel


The National Science Honor Society


Honor Cord Recipients:

Hailey Adelsohn

Maribel Andrade

Aarusha Bhatnagar

Daniel Bradley

Kaitlyn Charles

Victoria Chavez

Jhada Close

Dylan Cohen

Jocelyn Cuevas

Sessina Dani

Celeste Dayal 

Kate Dickman

Max Dickman

Jhormary Dominguez

Zachary Dong

Jason Easterling

Racheal Ezomo

Daniel Feinblatt

Isabella Feliciano

Andy Inguil

Eniya Jaber

Morriel Kasher

Evelyn Lliguicota

Connor Mills

Riddhi Modi

Siddhi Modi

Nyah Moliere

Edgar Moreno

Colin Morgan

Beaman Negash

Alexandra Ompok

Taewon Park

Proggya Paromita

Anthony Petrucci

Ryan Retino

Alynna Sanchez

Emily SarettAmeera Seetahal

Jaden Thompson

Jasmikne Torruella

Hannah Villasin

Jordan Walker

Emily Weingold

Selam Woldai


Inductees 2019:

Joaquin Acuna

Gita Anand

Devin Andrade

Brandon Andrade

Kaia Baker

Emily Baker

Karan Belday

Aja Bennett

Kiana Bouyer

Simone Byun

Olivia Callendar

Kailey Charles

Sofia Cordoba Valencia

Emma Correira

Sara Cuevas

Ruth Donagher

Jackson Edwards

Damilare Femi Akanbi

Anika Fernandes

Darlene Folas

Paul Godinez

Karen Gouin Dominique

Safiya Graham

Gustav Hall

Ashlea Hume

Cassidy Joyce

Alexandra Kicior

Vanessa LaFleur

Lindsay Levine

Stanley Lim

Melanie Maciejak

Jennifer Maciejak

Cynthia Makachi

Chloe Mengden

Yedidia Mesfin

Olivia Miller

Imani Miller

Richard Morocho

Natalie Nevins

Ogechi Nwobu

Karin Palomino

Gabriel Reyna

Amy Reznik

Shrey Sanghvi

Jahaira Santisteban

Sophia Scholz

Arthi Sivendra

Kiley Smith

Ismail Taylor Kamara

Maya Tobin

Ramone Vargas Eugene

Anayelli Vigo

Brett Zeligson

Maria Winning

Isabella Pappano