WEST ORANGE, NJ -- The township had 14 additional confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Sunday morning, according to Mayor Robert Parisi.

The total intake of cases in West Orange is 1,048. There are 779 cases that are classified as "current active cases," and 25 residents remain hospitalized. Four of them are in ICU.

The total of 14 new cases represents the 10th consecutive day that the number of new cases in a day has been fewer than 30 in West Orange. There were 13 different days in April when the number of new cases in the township exceeded 30 residents.

Essex County has a total of 14,624 coronavirus cases as of Sunday y morning, with 100 new cases reported since 5 p.m. Saturday. There have been 15,054 tests that have come back negative in the county, which means there now have been more negative tests than positive tests in the county since testing for the virus began in March. There have been 1,282 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Essex County.