WEST ORANGE, NJ -- The township has issued a plea to residents to do all they can to ease the burden of the community's first responders.

The township released this public service announcement to residents on Monday afternoon:

The West Orange Fire Department team of professionals stands ready to serve the community during this public emergency. Vital resources around the country however are at all-time low and West Orange is not immune to low supplies caused by the COVID-19 crisis. 

The Office of Emergency Management asks in order to ease this burden that calls for non-emergency transport of symptomatic residents only be made for non-ambulatory patients who do not have another way to get to the hospital. We urge you to enlist the help of family members within your home to drive you to the hospital. This will help us conserve essential supplies until such time they can be replenished. As the EMS system is being challenged more each day, we ask that everyone do their part to help the community through these unprecedented circumstances.