WEST ORANGE, NJ -- West Orange police recently arrested two Essex County men and charged them with a strong-arm robbery on Valley Road.

The incident took place Saturday night, July 13 at around 9:50 p.m. Savio Griffin Garcia of Newark and Shane Mills of Orange were arrested and charged with robbery and conspiracy after an incident in the area of Hazel Avenue and Mitchell Street in which the two 20-year-old suspects allegedly attempted to rob a man.

According to West Orange Police Officer Chrisopher Hernandez' report, one of the suspects reportedly grabbed his waistband to indicate that he was carrying a weapon. The victim told police that Mills blocked his way from walking any further on Valley Road, raised his voice threateningly while Garcia went through the victim's pockets.

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While officers were gathering information from the victim, two men walking from South Jefferson Street through an apartment courtyard were identified by the victim, who told the officers, "That's them."

The two suspects were frisked against a wall, but no weapons were found, according to police. Garcia and Mills were placed under arrest and transported to the Essex County Correctional Facility.