The Westfield Public School District has been informed that 4 Westfield High School students received a perfect score of 800 on the SAT or SAT 2 Subject Tests taken March 2011. They include Rory Fitzpatrick, Math and Writing; Brian Vander Schaaf, Writing; Hannah Weeks, Writing; and Matias Werner, Math.

Also announced for 2011 are 7 students that received an 800 in the January 2011 SATs.  Their names and the subject(s) in which they received a perfect score in are as follows: Zoe Greenburg, Critical Reading and Math; Katharine Jaruzelski, Math; Allegra Larche, Writing; Michael Levidy, Critical Reading and Math; Jason Qin, Writing; David Osterman, Physics; and Brian Vander Schaaf, Critical Reading.  Junior Hannah Margolin received a perfect score of 800 in all three sections of the SAT (Critical Reading, Math and Writing).