Students from Westfield High School participated in the Italian National Exam competing against students from 105 schools across 20 states.  The exam, consisting of four levels (four being the highest level), was taken by more than 5,000 students.

A total of 24 Westfield High School students who study the Italian language received honorable mention: Italian 4 - Anna Centrella, Megan Pinna, and Kim Roth;  Italian 3 - Lauren Androconis, Megan Blutfield, Grace Cook, Sarah Freer, Kyle Jason, Keira Loftus, Natalie Marcotullio, Melanie Nettler, and Michela Sabba; Italian 2 - Ashley Abbott, John Ciarrocca, Julia DiBella, Frank Guerriero, Michael Masciale, Kathleen Nogan, Claudia Savickas, and James Sciortino;  and Italian I – Samantha Della Fera, Nick De Pinto, Christina Di Bella, and Nicholas Lawrie.

"We are proud of the progress that our students of the Italian language and culture have been making and congratulate them on their successful scores on the Italian National Exam,” stated K-12 World Language Supervisor David Greer.  “We are glad that their hard work and dedication, supported by the efforts of their teachers Mrs. Maria Santilli and Mrs. Lauren Conroy, have earned these students from WHS recognition on a national level," he added.