The 5 Absolute Do Nots while applying for a mortgage are:

  • DON’T go out and get a new car, furniture or ANY other large purchase. If you obtain any new debt while your loan is in process, you will be asked to document any new payments.  This new payment could put you over the edge and you may no longer qualify for the loan.
  • DON’T stop making payments on your monthly bills such as credit cards, student loans, auto loan payments, rent, etc. Should your credit have to get rerun before closing, any recent late payments could not only drop your credit score, but, also make you ineligible for financing as some loan programs have minimum credit score requirements.
  • DON’T apply for any new credit cards or any other loans while you have a mortgage application in process.  Not only could this lower your credit score, but also as mentioned above, obtaining any new debt could result in you no longer qualifying for the loan.
  • DON’T make large deposits or transfers that you can’t document.  I repeat DO NOT make any large deposits or transfers you can’t document.  Any large deposit or transfer will require additional documentation and could delay the closing. 
  • DON’T quit your job, even if it’s for a better one.  A change in jobs will require you to produce 30 days’ worth of paystubs for the new job. This could delay your loan from closing.

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