A major concern that Ward 3 voters have shared with me is road and pedestrian safety. Specifically, residents have said there is too much speeding and too many cars that don’t stop at stop signs. I know Westfield can do better in this area, which is critical because so many of our schoolchildren walk to school every day. I plan to contribute Fresh Ideas and Proactive Leadership to ensure the government more proactively addresses these concerns.

The biggest concern is speeding. I’ve seen it myself while campaigning on many Ward 3 streets including Boulevard, Summit, Carleton, Tice Place and Grove as well as from my house, on the corner of Rahway Avenue and Shackamaxon Drive. I’ve also heard countless stories from Ward 3 residents about cars not stopping at stop signs, going too fast through intersections and zooming down streets, even with kids playing on the sidewalks and adjacent fields and lawns. And when you combine speeding with the possibility of distracted driving, the risk of accidents grows exponentially for motorists and pedestrians.

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We have to do better — our lives and our kids’ lives depend on it. And I believe we can. Here’s what I’d advocate for if I’m elected to Town Council for Ward 3.

We need to identify the roads and intersections that are the most dangerous by reviewing accident and traffic data and obtaining resident input. We should pay particular attention to the roads/intersections next to schools where there’s the highest concentration of pedestrians — especially children.

Then, we should assemble a task force — comprised of experts both from within the government and outside — to build custom solutions for each dangerous road/intersection. These solutions could include more signage, additional 4-way stop signs, brighter street lamps, speed barriers and even more police enforcement.

Working together, we can find cost-effective solutions that improve road and pedestrian safety. Vote Contract for Council for Ward 3 on Nov. 7. And feel free to share your thoughts or ideas by emailing me at david@contractforwestfield.com or PM me at Facebook.com/contractforwestfield.


David Contract

Ward 3 Town Council Candidate