During the month of December, the Fanwood-Scotch Plains Rotary club will sell Luminaries at the Fanwood Department of Public Works Building on Manfra Way off of North Avenue (across from the Fanwood Public Library).    The sale dates are December 3, 10, 11, 17, 18, from 9AM to 3PM and December 24 - 9am to12pm.  The luminary kits cost 75 cents apiece in all quantities and include paper bags, candles and sand.    Customers are encouraged to bring buckets, boxes or plastic bags to transport the sand.

Luminaries are traditionally used to illuminate the streets on Christmas Eve.  A candle is nestled in sand at the bottom of a paper bag and placed along sidewalks to create a beautiful walkway.  Some neighborhoods in the area get together and buy hundreds of kits for an amazing luminary display. 

All proceeds from the sale will be used to fund the various charitable and humanitarian projects that Rotary supports, both locally and overseas.   The Rotary Club will also be collecting canned food for their annual Holiday Food Drive to support local food pantries.   

The Fanwood-Scotch Plains Rotary Club has been serving the community since 1938.   The club meets on Wednesdays at noon at the Stage House Restaurant and at 6pm at Darby Road on the last Wednesday of the month.  Guests are invited to attend and learn about the good that Rotary is doing worldwide. For further information about the Fanwood-Scotch Plains Rotary club, go to fsprotary.org.