My decision to become a realtor grew from the desire for a career with a flexible schedule to give me time with my family. But what I experienced was much more than I anticipated. I saw that energetic sales professionals thrive in real estate and that it was a career with a plethora of opportunities and unlimited room for growth. Twelve years later, the best part of this career choice is the ability to control my own goals--personal, family, and professional. What started as a lifestyle decision and career change led to me running my real estate services as my own business.  

Most new businesses are costly to start but the initial cost of becoming a real estate agent is low--just the pre-license course, test, and license fees. The next step is to choose a real estate brokerage firm where you can leverage your talents and individual approach to build your successful real estate career.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Location, Location, Location” when discussing real estate but it also applies to you when deciding which brokerage firm you choose to partner with. Unlike a job search where you show up for an interview, you should be interviewing the broker to make sure it is a good fit for both of you.  For example, a new agent may look for training and accountability whereas an experienced agent would look for growth potential and opportunities. A few questions to ask would be: what training and education is offered, what is the commission percentage and are there any additional fees, how much time is expected to be spent at the office, and does the office offer coaching and or mentoring. Some other items to be aware of are: what technology and marketing tools are available to help grow your business, is the location of the office in an area you are most familiar with and lastly, does the culture and energy match your personality.

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In a nutshell, most real estate agents are independent contractors which enables you to set your own schedule and direction. But in order to succeed in your new career, it will take your commitment to continuing education and consistent lead generation. If you are sold on this career path or still on the fence, feel free to reach out and I’m happy to answer any questions.

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Tammie brings over 12 years of real estate experience with a strong foundation based on her corporate upbringing within Nordstrom’s customer service culture.  Her blend of customer service and business acumen make for a pleasant and results oriented experience.  Contact Tammie at 908-519-7435 or