WESTFIELD, NJ — It’s Tuesday night, and it’s mighty cold outdoors. But inside the warm and welcoming environment of Limani Seafood Grill, customers are raving to one another as they dine on chilled lump crabmeat cocktail; “the best clams casino I ever tasted;” Atlantic salmon served with oven roasted lemon potato, garlic mashed potato, or jasmine rice; and “The fabulous crabcakes, and the gorgeous Alaskan King Crab legs, steamed, with vegetables, oven-roasted lemon potatoes and lemon butter.” 

“Taking it’s name from the word limani, (seaport), I learned the trade from my father, Michael,” said owner George Vastardis. “He was an experienced chef who honed his skills aboard a cruise ship. We lived in Piraeus, a seaport located in Greece.”

Limani Seafood Grill opened in Downtown Westfield on Dec. 7, 2007, said Vastardis, who prefers you address him by his first name.

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Customers appreciate the fresh foods, as could easily be seen Valentine’s Day weekend, when Limani served about 200 people that Saturday night.  

This year, Limani Seafood Grill received a 25 rating from Zagat, “which places Limani Seafood Grill among the top seafood and Greek restaurants in the world,” Vastardis proudly stated.

Limani Seafood Grill is located at 235 North Ave., Westfield, NJ 07090. Call (908) 233-0053 or visit http://limaniseafood.com for reservations.

In addition to fine dining, Limani offers fresh fish sold directly from the refrigerated case at the front of the restaurant. Guests have the option of purchasing their fresh seafood and preparing it at home, or the staff at Limani Seafood Grill will prepare it for you.

Current selections from the fresh fish retail market:

* Oysters $6 for 1.2 dozen, $12 dozen

* Jumbo Shrimp 

* Colossal Crabmeat $32 lb.

* Lobster Bisque $9 pt.

* Manhattan/New England Chowder, $7 pt.

* Maine Steamers $9 lb.

* Lobster Tails $28, 3 oz. each

* Chilean Sea Bass  $24 lb.

* Tilapia $8 lb.

* Flounder Filet $16

Whole Fish:

* Bronino  $15

* Striped Bass $11

* Porgy- Orate $11

* Red Snapper  $14


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