Award-winning children’s book author Audrey Vernick recently visited Franklin School for its annual Author Day, sponsored by the Franklin PTO.

Ms. Vernick is known for writing 20 books, including the popular "Brothers at Bat," "First Grade Dropout" and "Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?" 

During two assemblies for grades first through fourth, Ms. Vernick advised students to take notice of what’s happening around them in everyday life as that can make great story material. She suggested jotting down these thoughts, keeping them in an “idea bowl,” and then adding an element of the unexpected to develop each into a story. She spoke about the value of persevering, sharing that her first book had been rejected 27 times before ultimately being published. 

Ms Vernick also participated in a more in-depth, interactive workshop with the fifth grade classes and autographed copies of her books for students in all grades who had purchased them prior to the event.