WESTFIELD, NJ — Someone scribbled on every pillar of the bandstand in Mindowaskin Park with permanent marker. The graffiti, which according to Westfield Police Captain Scott Rodger contained various profanities, was first reported to police on July 19.

Since then, the town of Westfield has painted over the markings.

Vandalism to this landmark isn’t unusual, according to Debby Burslem, president of the Friends of Mindowaskin Park. Its pillars were actually replaced in the past after they were destroyed by vandals, she said. The new pillars are made from a material that’s harder to break and easier to repaint when defaced.

“It’s sad to see this happen,” said Burslem. “We’re very fortunate that we have a wonderful department of public works and an amazing core of volunteers. It’s so good to see that the kindness outweighs the vandalism.”