UNION COUNTY, NJ — The New Providence Green League and Gold League held their first ever All-Star Games Saturday (8U to 14U) on baseball fields in several towns throughout Union County.

Below is the list of players from Westfield who were selected to the teams.

8u Green American                   

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Nathan Hickey              Westfield Grey 


8u Green National                     

Logan Revock              Westfield Black           


8u Gold National

Brian Jordan                Westfield White           

Sean Loggie                 Westfield White           


9u Green National         

Austen Halleran            Westfield Grey


9u Gold National

Brendan O'Connor       Westfield Blue

Drew Pravlik                 Westfield Blue

Jake Alfano                  Westfield Blue

Patrick Flaherty            Westfield White


10u Green American

Julian Montez                Westfield Blue Devils-Blue


10u Green National

Randy Davis                 Westfield Blue Devils-White


11u Green American

Ethan Composto          Westfield Grey


10u Gold National

Owen Singman            Westfield Blue


11u Green National

Mal Mercer                   Westfield Gold


11u Gold American

Noah Fischer                Westfield White

Ben Kelly                     Westfield White


12u Green American

Erick Rodriguez           Westfield Silver


12u Green National

Patrick Flaherty            Westfield White


12u Gold National         

Jack Barker                  Westfield A

Kevin Yang                  Westfield A

Mark Gialluisi               Westfield A

Walter Schwartz           Westfield A


13u American

Holden Grantz              Westfield-McKeon

Matt Meixner    Westfield-McKeon


Pictured first: The victorious 12U National League team at Gumpert Field in Westfield:

  • Amar Francis, Montclair
  • Andrew Mills, South Orange Maplewood
  • Bobby Cushing, New Providence Pioneers
  • Christian Trotter, Cranford Blue
  • Daniel Shapiro, Clark Vipers Silver
  • Joe Digrado, Kenilworth Bears
  • Kyle Hollerith, Chatham B
  • Lucas Stecky, Mountainside
  • Matthew Mauro, Madison
  • Paul Michael Palmucci, Clark Vipers Blue
  • Raphael Liu, Summit Maroon
  • Shane McNally, Denville
  • Shawn Martin, SPF Raiders
  • Patrick Flaherty, Westfield White