Oh, winter time … the sky is dark when I get up and the sun sets before I get home from work. The season’s typical cold rains and snow can make me feel like the sun will never shine again. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I always get a mild case of the “winter blues” this time of year. It can creep up slowly or hit me real quick, hanging around just a few days or lasting until spring.  According to studies, 1 in 5 Americans are affected by the winter blues each year (cheers to the other lucky 4).  

If you feel my pain, and your “get up and go” attitude has gone south with the birds this season, start incorporating a few simple activities into your weekly routine that will have you energized, and possibly even enjoying winter. It’s been working for me!  Just look on the bright side of this dark season – you live in the beautiful town of Westfield! Being a realtor has taught me this; there are lots of different things you can do in town to beat the winter blues.  

There is no need to hibernate this winter – we’ll save that for the bears! Here is a list of some fun, yet low-key activities that will get you out of your house, enjoying this season and the beautiful town of Westfield.

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Bundle up, and head over to Mindowaskin Park. If this park is close to home, take in some fresh air and walk. I love taking walks when I am feeling stressed, and exercise is especially good for your body this time of year.  Mindowaskin, a 12.6 acre park located on East Broad Street, is a great place to walk around, take out the dogs or just get the kids out of the house.

Catch a movie at the Rialto Theatre. In my line of work, my phone is constantly ringing. I love my clients, but sometimes it’s nice to just silent my phone for an hour or two and enjoy a good movie. The Rialto Theatre is located on Broad Street in downtown Westfield. Get the family together and pick out a movie you all will enjoy. Don’t forget to treat yourself to some popcorn and candy - you can always walk it off at the park!

Grab a hot cup of coffee, a delicious meal, and rock out. These winter days can get pretty cold. I like to warm up my soul with a hot cup of fresh coffee and enjoy a friendly, laid-back atmosphere at Rockin’Joe Coffee House. Rockin’Joe is not your typical coffee joint- they have an incredible menu of sandwiches, salads and desserts, plus award-winning coffee. Every time I go into Rockin’Joe I try a different flavor latte – there are so many to choose from! I personally love the pumpkin. This place is much more than just great food and drink; I love listening to the legendary rock music that plays all day long!

Shed some pounds and find inner peace. Everyone knows that pounds start to pack on in the winter because we aren’t as active.  Sometimes I get pretty stressed out, and yoga is a great way for me to relax, feel good, and stay active. Satsang Yoga Studio is offering some great specials for the New Year and for new students. Located on South Avenue, this yoga studio offers a variety of class options such as “mommy and me” and “sunrise express.” They even have an in-house yoga boutique to feed my inner shop-aholic!

I have barely scratched the surface with these suggestions – Westfield is a large down with endless possibilities for fun and entertainment. We all know the dark days of winter will eventually come to an end. However, it can be hard to hang onto this thought as the winter months drag on. If you begin to feel down just hang tight, get out of the house, and discover Westfield! The spring flowers will bloom again.