WESTFIELD, NJ – Emergency services from Elizabeth, Bayonne and Westfield responded to a home on Knollwood Drive in Westfield today where a construction worker had become entrapped in a hole. 

A construction crew had been working on replacing broken sewer pipes on Knollwood Drive for the past month.  A tractor began digging an 8 x 8 hole in the front yard of a home on Knollwood at approximately 11 a.m. this morning.  While the tractor was digging, the crew and owner were standing over the hole.  The ground started to collapse under them and people started running.  One construction worker fell into the hole and the dirt filled in around him covering him up to his neck.  The homeowner and workers attempted to free the trapped worker, but to no avail. 

Emergency vehicles were called and responded quickly.  Emergency services from Elizabeth, Bayonne, and Westfield arrived; however, it seemed as if Elizabeth was more equipped to handle the response efforts.  Approximately 30 emergency vehicles in total responded on the scene.

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Rescue crews had to construct a wooden and metal barrier around the victim to prevent the dirt from further filling in.  Once the barrier was built they were able to extract the remaining dirt and free the victim.

At 3:00pm the victim was removed from the hole and rushed to an ambulance waiting nearby.  Neighbors and construction crew members were visibly upset