Every home has its own distinct personality and style. If the way we paint, furnish and treat windows in a home are like its clothing, then light fixtures are the jewelry. They sparkle and shine, set the mood, and help us to see everything else.

Light fixtures can add great impact as the focal point of a room. They can be as creative and interesting as works of art. Some truly ARE works of art! (See the chandelier created by Montana artist, Kirsten Kainz). Homeowners are being inspired by many different styles and products, especially as home design shows and websites like Pinterest and Houzz grow in popularity. We are seeing all of this inspiration show up in houses that are for sale to entice buyers to fall in love with a home. Some trends that are immensely popular are: the orb or globes, geometrics, exposed filament bulbs, metallic finishes and wood or rope material fixtures.

Lighting can easily be overlooked as an important element in the preparation and staging process. Insufficient lighting can make a room look gloomy and dingy, and harsh lighting can ruin the mood even if all of the other elements are well designed.

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First and foremost, check every fixture to make sure that there are no dead bulbs. Energy efficient bulbs are wonderful for our environment, but when staging the lighting for a home, use incandescent wherever possible. 3 sources of light in every room creates a full layered effect.  Make sure to keep clear glass and crystal clean and free of cobwebs...after all, it’s your bling.

Whether designing for your own enjoyment or staging your home for a polished look to help it sell faster, go the extra step and address the lights. You’ll be glad you did!  

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