WESTFIELD, NJ — Mayor Shelley Brindle spoke about four priorities that she has as Westfield’s new mayor Tuesday at the town council’s conference meeting and again at the council’s regular meeting later in the evening. 

Brindle said that her priorities are improving communication with residents, enhancing services, driving efficiencies and creating opportunities for economic development downtown.

“I think you’ll see, as we move forward, a lot of the initiatives that we announce will probably fall into one or more of those categories,” Brindle said.

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One of the first ways that she hopes to enhance communication with residents is by live-streaming meetings, she said.

“I know that’s something that I’ve talked about for a while,” Brindle told the public. “There are some compliance and process things that [Town Administrator] Jim [Gildea] is working out and hopefully that’s something we’re going to be introducing very shortly.”

The live-streamed video will need to be archived, Gildea explained.

“[Town Clerk] Tara Rowley and I are looking into this right now,” he said. “We contacted a few other towns that have done this a well as companies that specialize in archiving social media things that towns do, so we’re working on that and hopefully can come back to you very shortly with some recommendations.”

Gildea said that they’re also hoping to get recommendations from the technology committee that Brindle is forming.

Brindle also said that part of her plans for better communication with residents include showcasing town employees more often.

During the meeting, she specifically praised the department of public works for their work during the snowstorm earlier this month, and the health department, which she called a “real bright spot.”

“Honestly, I don’t think the town gets enough credit for the work they do,” she said.