Buyers:  Research your home inspector -

Ask how long they have been inspecting homes.

How many inspections have they done?

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What are their qualifications, certifications, training?

Was their prior work experience related to home inspections i.e. building or contracting?

Ask for references and how quickly you can expect to receive the home inspection report.

Make sure you take time off to attend the home inspection - it isn't enough to just read the report. It is to the home buyer's benefit to follow the inspector through the home.  They can give you a tutorial of the workings of the mechanicals in the home in addition to tips for keeping it in top working order! It is also to your advantage to see upfront what needs to be addressed or fixed.

Sellers:  Look for all burned out light bulbs and replace them as well as filters.  Check your sinks to make sure water runs through the drain and there are no clogs.  Prepare your home by clearing all crawl spaces, closets and attic.  Don't force the inspector to empty or unlock areas to gain access. 

 It is our opinion that It’s fine to introduce yourself to the inspector and even feel free to share your cell number ...... but then - leave!  If you would be more comfortable with representation, it is always acceptable to request that your listing agent be present.

The Wyckoff Group is ready and willing to share information and answer any of your questions regarding the home buying or selling process.  We can be reached by emailing Doug at or Janice at  Contact us to see why we differ from other agents!

One final note - VOTE 2016!! 

Every vote counts, and this year is no exception even though the pundits describe it as a very unusual and sometimes baffling contest.  You may have heard a number of associates, friends and family say they may not even vote this year because their favorite candidate is not on the ballot.  Don’t let that stop you from exercising your right to vote, which is a huge civic responsibility.

October 31st is the last day to apply in person for a Mail-In Ballot before 3pm in the County of Clerk Offices in Elizabeth and Westfield.  Tuesday, November 8thGeneral Election Day!  Polls are open 6am to 8pm.