I would like to thank all the people who are supporting me in my campaign for election to the Board of Education.  I am grateful for your support and encouragement.  On April 27thyou will have the opportunity to vote for three candidates for the Board.  I hope I am one of the candidates you select.  I also hope you will vote in favor of the school budget. 

During my campaign I have heard about the deficiencies of the budget.  One of our current board members failed to support it.  No budget is ever perfect.  There are always choices made between competing priorities.  Previous budgets eliminated positions to close financial gaps when the state reduced aid to the district.  The 2011-2012 budget saves jobs but does so by not funding a Capital Reserve for buildings.  After two years of personnel cuts, the board chose to save positions in the schools.  That keeps more teachers working with your children in smaller classes.  Next year there will be a new budget and a new set of concerns.  Perhaps we can begin thinking of the future and start reserving capital for building projects.  I hope to be a member of the board to participate in those discussions.  That is up to you, the voters.

My campaign has been about serving the community that has treated me so well.  I moved here 10 years ago so my daughter could attend the Westfield schools.  She benefited greatly and is now attending Rutgers Law School.  I have continued to support the organizations of the schools, such as the Boosters, because strong extracurricular programs contribute to strong academic programs and student leadership.  Now I have an opportunity to assist the next generation of Westfield families who aspire to the same dreams of success for their children.    

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If you have been following the campaigning you will know that I am an educator with 30 years experience.  I have served as a teacher, principal and assistant superintendent of schools.  I have done all the jobs performed by the district administration.  I know what school administrators need to do to be effective, even creating building and district budgets.  I also have worked with board members.  I have run committees that perform the functions of the board.  I led curriculum committees, worked on policy committees, revised teacher evaluation systems with personnel committees, and negotiated contracts with board committees.  You will not be able to elect a more qualified candidate than me for the Board of Education.

My fellow candidates all have attributes you may also find desirable.  On Candidates Night we all expressed our views.  If you have not already seen that broadcast, please find it on your local channel.  Go to www.westfieldnjk12.org for a broadcast schedule.  See what we are all about.  I hope you will put me among the three candidates you select on Wednesday, April 27th.    Vote yes for the budget and vote for Joseph Miceli, a candidate with experience who is dedicated to the success of our children.  We need to maintain a quality school system with a budget we can afford.  For more information about me as your candidate please see Facebook.com/VoteJosephMiceli, or send an email with questions to jmiceli.westfield@gmail.com.

Joseph Miceli

Candidate Westfield Board of Education