In Westfield, our public parks and recreational fields create opportunities for our community to grow and flourish. The fields and parks add to the fabric of our community; they are where we play and where we come together. With two children, we have spent many hours at the fields watching our children play soccer, softball, and baseball. Through the local Westfield athletic programs, we’ve formed many of the meaningful relationships and friendships that we have today. We share our time and talents through coaching, and for the past two years Maria has also become active in the Girls Softball League of Westfield, serving on its board.

It is proven that having access to public parks has a positive impact on the health and well-being our children and families. We are fortunate that we can live in a community that offers us the opportunity to walk to the playground, ride bikes, and participate in organized sports.

As Third Ward Councilman, I am proud of the many improvements we’ve made over the last several years including a new state-of-the-art playground at Mindowaskin Park in celebration of the park’s 100th Anniversary and the addition of bathrooms at Memorial Park. These enhancements have been very beneficial to the town, but we recognize that there is a lot more we can do!

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In 2017, the Town Council in partnership with the Recreation Committee presented a plan for a full renovation of Tamaques Park that would address fields, facilities, and parking. This plan was put on hold in 2018 in order to take a more holistic approach to addressing our parks and outdoor spaces.

Many would agree that there has been a lot of time and money invested into planning for our parks. As your Third Ward Councilman and the liaison to the Parks Master Plan Steering Committee, I will continue to advocate for more fields, better equipment, and improved parking for all of our parks. I am optimistic that the Parks Master Plan will move us forward, and I am committed to working with the mayor and council collectively for the greater good of the community and our children.

Stay tuned for information on the public reading of the Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan!

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