Brand recognition is a very important element when you are running for office. It used to be, a knock on the door and a conversation with your neighbors and the job was done. Well, the internet has certainly changed those days. Now within seconds messages from around the world are now in your in-box. A lawn sign being stolen off of someone’s property does not even move the dial. The smear campaign is the new norm. The downside, you work and do all the right things your entire life and with the stroke of a key or an altered picture your credibility is attacked with lies.

The upside, people that have known you for 50 years see this as a horrible smear campaign and decided they don’t want this type of Government tactics and come to your support. Thank You. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the extreme haters (there are 10 names these keyboard cowards hide behind) for doubling my name recognition and reminding so many people of all of my business and personal success such as: The CLUBHOUE, Shout, NFL, real estate developer and my involvement with over 70 charities. Their goal is to distract you from the real issue, our ghost downtown.

As of 9/5/19, the following buildings are empty downtown, according to the Westfield Leader:

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1. 21 E. Broad Street - VACANT
2. 109 E. Broad Street - VACANT
3. 129 E. Broad Street - VACANT
4. 233-235 E. Broad Street - VACANT
5. 250 E. Broad Street - VACANT
6. 253 E. Broad Street - VACANT
7. 266 E. Broad Street - VACANT
8. 21 Elm Street - VACANT
9. 23 Elm Street - VACANT
10. 33 Elm Street - VACANT
11. 47 Elm Street - VACANT
12. 52 Elm Street - VACANT
13. 58 Elm Street - VACANT
14. 62-66 Elm Street - VACANT

15. 76 Elm Street – VACANT
16. 118-126 Elm Street ( 3 stores VACANT)
17. 138 Elm Street - VACANT
18. 189 Elm Street - VACANT
19. 215 Elmer Sr.- VACANT
20. 204 Lenox Avenue - VACANT
21. 220 Lenox Ave (2nd floor office space) - VACANT
22. 226 North Avenue W. - VACANT
23. 231 North Ave. W (office space on second floor) - VACANT
24. 241 North Avenue W (3rd floor office space) - VACANT
25. 251 North Avenue W. – VACANT
26. 411 North Avenue W. – (new building next to the firehouse) - VACANT
27. 600 South Avenue W - VACANT

There are 13 vacant storefronts between the train station and Trader Joe’s on Elm Street. Before the last election there were only 14 vacant storefronts in the whole town.  As a businessman, I have been a tenant, landlord, developer and builder. I can make a difference in our downtown. Please ask someone that really knows me. Vote For Bodmer Ward 2.