CLARK, NJ – A scanning (or "skimming") device was found attached to the ATM machine located outside the 7-Eleven store on Westfield Avenue, the Clark Police Department announced Saturday afternoon.

“A customer using the machine this morning felt something wasn’t right and called us,” Police Chief Pedro Matos said.

Information from the scanner can only be downloaded if the device is in the suspect’s possession, Matos explained. He said it does not appear to be wi-fi enabled and the suspect would likely swap out one device for another. Scanned data is stored on a micro-sd card attached to the device, he said.

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“We do not know how long it has been there and if the suspect has come to it on previous occasions to retrieve data off of it,” Matos said.

According to an article at PC Magazine, scanning devices, or “skimmers,” read data from the magnetic strip on a debit or credit card. The data can then be used to create cloned cards or access bank accounts.

Store patrons who may have used the machine should be vigilant in checking card statements. As an added precaution, users of the machine could call their credit or debit card company, the police department’s Facebook post about the incident said.

Fraudulent activity should be reported to the Clark Police Department at 732-388-3434.