CDC Theatre in Cranford, NJ, is New Jersey’s longest continuously producing community theater and we are looking for director’s submissions for our 2018-1019 season, which will be the theater's 100th. 

We will consider directors within a broad range of experience and are looking for people who will bring their enthusiasm to our theatre and the community. Our season runs from September through June during which we typically program two musicals, a play and a children’s production. Directors interested in working with us are asked to submit no more than three shows for our Program Committee to consider, along with a synopsis of each show. We also ask that you include your resume, a brief statement of your interest in the shows and why you chose to submit to CDC Theatre.

The deadline for submissions is Sept. 1. Directors who have submitted a project that is of interest to CDC Theatre will be contacted via e-mail on or about Oct. 1 so that we might schedule an interview. Forms and additional information may be found by visiting our website at