WESTFIELD, NJ - The traffic light at Central Avenue, an issue discussed in previous council meetings, resurfaced at Tuesday night’s meeting held at the Municipal Building.

The light, intended to provide a safe crossing for children who attend Jefferson Elementary School, apparently led to a vehicle accident that took place on April 25 at approximately the same time when children crossed the street.

Maria Carluccio, a resident at Central Avenue who has attended several meetings to discuss the removal of the traffic light, reported the accident to the Council.  

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Carluccio read a post that she submitted to www.07090.blogspot.com, a blog which claims to publish information that is not presented by the press. The post referred to the accident at the traffic light.

“Today, our deepest fears became a reality when a car suddenly had to come to an unexpected stop in the middle of Central Ave. even though there is a flashing warning sign approximately 175 feet before the crossing and the flashing Hawk street light over head flashing orange and then solid red lights out of nowhere compounded with a crossing guard holding up a large red stop sign, and yet amazingly a school aged child was nearly struck down in the crosswalk,” commented Carluccio on the blog. “Praise God no one was seriously injured by the accident today.”

The Council listened silently to Carluccio’s speech, and their silence lingered after she spoke.

“It’s weird how people get up here and you have a cornucopia of comments,” said Carluccio. “Why don’t you dictate that the reason you are not saying anything is because you have nothing constructive to say, and the reason you have nothing constructive to say is because you are wrong.”

Adina Encelescu, who resides across from the traffic light which she claims was erected on her front lawn without prior notice, has attended several meetings, as well. Like Carluccio, Encelescu wants the traffic light at Central Avenue to be removed.

According to Encelescu, vehicles think her driveway is a street because of the lights from the traffic light.

“The problem is the placing of the light,” said Encelescu. “It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

“I will fight until I get what I am supposed to get,” she said.

In other business, the Westfield High School girls swimming team was honored at the meeting for their outstanding performance in 2010-2011. The team beat a new record for the state of New Jersey.

Swimming team coach Jeff Knight, who was nominated coach of the year, said that the Westfield High School girls swimming team is “the best team in girls' history.”

Also at the meeting, residents discussed the shortage of firefighters at the Westfield Fire Department. 

Francesca Figalo, a student at Kean University, reported on the Westfield Town Council meeting as part of a partnership between Kean University and TheAlternativePress.com