CLARK, NJ — The Clark Police have confirmed that the possible luring incident recently reported was a misunderstanding. 

In a Facebook post, Clark Police confirmed they were able to identify the elderly man who approached a Kumpf student.  As a result of talking to the man, police have assessed he meant no harm and instead was concerned for the girl’s well being.  

Clark Police Chief Pedro Matos was glad the findings showed no ill-will toward the child but issued a warning to parents.  

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“Despite the fact that this specific incident was a misunderstanding, I want parents to take this seriously,” Matos said. “Parents should speak to their children about what they should do if they are approached by a stranger and to tell an adult as soon as possible.”

Matos pointed to the use of social media as a reason for the quick resolution of this case. 

“Had it not been for that [Facebook], I do not think this case would have been resolved, which would have led to continued undue stress to parents wondering if there was a child predator targeting Clark,” said Matos.