WASHINGTON D.C. - Mayor Bob Woodruff of Berkeley Heights traveled to Washington D.C. on June 15 to interview Congressman Leonard Lance of the New Jersey 7th Congressional District (which includes Berkeley Heights) for the June edition of the Mayor's Round Table. 

"It is important to connect with our Congressman in D.C. since decisions made at the Federal level impact our residents back home," said Woodruff. The Congressman commented on banking regulations which impact New Jersey communities, tax reform, infrastructure such as building a NJ/NY gateway tunnel, and thoughts on healthcare. "This information is helpful for the Township residents as they plan this strategy," Woodruff added.

They Mayor's Round Table is a monthly information show for which the Berkeley Heights mayor discusses current issues that affect the Township as well as answer questions submitted by citizens. Previous topics have included redevelopment, budget process, volunteerism and roads. The Township will continue to seek speakers since knowledge is key. It is filmed monthly on the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall. The public are invited and can submit questions.