I have always had a passion for community and I stay connected to the ones that mean the most to me. As a real estate agent who sells homes in Westfield, I have come to know and love this beautiful town and many of the people who live here.

Being a real estate agent has connected me with many different families who all have different needs. More times than not, families are looking for safe towns with a good school system, near-by parks, and friendly neighbors. While this seems like simple requests, sometimes it’s hard to find the right town for many families. Westfield, however, provides all the things a growing family could need – and more!

When I first started the 365 Things to do in Westfield Facebook page, my goal was to create a place where people could find local events and happenings in town. Over the past few years, this project has turned into my passion - and connecting people with their community is something that truly means a lot to me.  As 365 Things Westfield began to grow, I started to realize that something bigger was happening here. We are much more than a bulletin board for events; we are a place where local people can find a social, common ground - where business owners can reach their customers - and where people can share their stories.

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In our fast-paced lives, social media allows us to find time and connect – reach people who matter to us, and support things we care about. Having the 365 Things Westfield Facebook page has taught me a lot about social media and how it truly operates. Not only have I learned how to quickly communicate a message to a large number of people, but I have learned what a powerful business tool it can truly be. I am absolutely an advocate of social media for business, and I love to share what I have learned with other business owners so they can continue to succeed.

I want my 365 Things Westfield page to serve a number of different purposes, and I am hoping that the people of this town will help. Post about things that matter to you, comment on things that you like to see, support your local businesses, and let me know how I can improve. For the business owners out there – let me know how I can help you. I’d love to share your blogs, posts, whatever you want your community to see. This town means a lot to me and I want us all to grow together.