Tamaques Park, a 106-acre park on Lamberts Mill Road in Westfield’s Fourth Ward, includes playing fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, picnic areas, playground areas, a running path, a pond and much more. As councilman for the Fourth Ward, with Councilman Doug Stokes, I am pleased to announce comprehensive renovations are coming to Tamaques Park. 
Led by the Town's recreation commission, proposed improvements include new fields, new bathrooms and additional landscaping. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of youth sports in Westfield, including PAL flag football, Tamaques Park has more cars than capacity. We are working to address parking needs and bring relief to the neighborhood streets while recognizing the need to preserve green space.
In addition to new fields and facilities, plans for Tamaques Park include improving Tamaques Pond. The Town recently ordered new and improved bubblers that will be installed shortly to prevent stagnant water from breeding mosquitoes by keeping the water moving. These bubblers will also aerate or add oxygen to improve the water for fish. New mulch and plantings will improve the overall look and condition of the pond area.
I welcome your suggestions as we develop plans for Tamaques Park. I encourage you to contact me at kloughlin@westfieldnj.gov with your ideas for Tamaques Park or any other issue I can work on.