With the advent of Fall, Westfielders must reacquaint ourselves with the town’s policy for leaf removal.  At first glance, the 2017 Leaf Collection Program seems comprehensive and well thought out, with all questions concerning leaf removal answered. However, there is no mention of how these policies will be enforced! How does the town intend to prevent any violations of the collection program?

Leaf removal becomes the same haphazard process each year. Already we see leaf piles in our neighborhood prior to the Oct. 21 start date. We also see professional lawn care providers mixing leaf piles with twigs and plant material, another violation of the town policy. Parking and child drop off are impossible on the streets around our schools. Removal of these leaves becomes a nightmare, often times affecting our snow removal efforts and continually clogging our sewer gutters. How does the town discourage or even prevent these violations? Is there a leaf collection hotline where complaints can be made?

Could the town do a better job? Can our residents be better educated to comply with the program? We think YES. As residents of Westfield for 26 years, we know all too well that we will get the same results again unless we choose a new direction in town government. Many of us have witnessed problems and the lack of change in Westfield and we are worried. We can do a better job. We just have to have the courage to change. When we all work together, great things happen!

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Westfield needs fresh eyes, innovative ideas, community involvement, a set of goals we can all embrace and follow and, finally, a town government that communicates with, and listens to, its residents. For these reasons, we are voting for Linda Habgood for town council Ward 1, and for Shelley Brindle for mayor. We have listened to their ideas, and they, in turn, have listened to our concerns.  We believe Shelley Brindle, Linda Habgood, Michael Dardia, David Contract and Dawn Mackey are the change Westfield needs now!

John Beil and Jessica Rinaldi

Westfield, NJ